The Lasting Effects of a Philanthropist and an Artist


Fallingwater Rising, written by our local historian Franklin Toker, is the complete unabridged version of everything one ever thought to ask about the making of the most famous house of the twentieth century, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Wright got the commission from the Kaufman family in 1937 during the depression when he was seventy years old and struggling in his career. The book uncovers the complex relationship of a wealthy Jewish merchant to his family, his business, and his community in collaboration with the architect genius of Wright.

Featured on the cover of Time Magazine on January 20, 1938, Wright’s masterpiece fed the public’s imagination to turn something modern and suspect into something original, homegrown and patriotic.

Let’s root for another philanthropist/artist team to create an inspirational project like Fallingwater that can fuel us through today’s challenges.


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