One of the Secrets of Happy Families: Tell Bubbemeises

Maya and Hailey

Happiness is not ready-made. It comes from you own actions. Dalai Lama

I am spending the week with my son and his family in Ann Arbor. It is filled with change: new job and a marathon for Eli; a conference in California for Annie; old and new schools for Maya; potty training for Hailey.

Upon arrival Eli hands me a book by Bruce Feiler: The Secrets of Happy Families about the necessity of updating the working lives of today’s family. It includes lots of fresh innovative ideas that fit within our different times and circumstances like checklists, family meetings, white boards for communication, inclusion of elders and lots of family play time.

secrets of happy family

One of the funniest play activities I saw was their family video version of The Harlem Shake. Having never heard of it and being so impressed with their rendition, I spent an evening discovering this new dance sensation and deciding on my personal favorite.

Food is always prominent for us. This trip Eli introduced me to his homemade energy bars from the no meat athlete. His results have been yummy for us and once he gets it figured out a great replacement for Hailey and Maya’s favorite snack, ZBars.

One of my major tasks as a grandparent is to give the family a larger context by supplying family stories aka bubbemeises. It is a happy synchronicity that my project for this trip is to transform my original BubbeBlog into a long-lasting paper version, jiggling my memory about all of our childhoods that I am sharing freely and happily.

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    Lest’s Shake and tell Bubbemeises

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