Gasland 2

no fracking

Pennsylvania farming communities are being turned into huge, open-air laboratories by energy companies eager to make North America a twenty-first-century Saudi Arabia, with ordinary people serving as its guinea pigs. And those people are paying a heavy price: mystery illnesses, dead animals, polluted water, land made worthless, and the loss of a way of life. Nick Turse

Join me in the screening of Gasland 2 this Thursday at 7:00 at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial on Fifth Ave. The filmmaker, Josh Fox will answer questions after the film.

I knew too much about hydrofracking to want to see the first Gasland movie (nominated for an academy award) but with this second movie, I’m hopeful that leaders of the anti-fracking movement will give us some good news about their progress to stop the millions of gallons of toxic chemical-laced water injected into wells leaving communities fractured with destroyed land, poor air quality and emissions that only add onto the greenhouse effect.

Let’s show our support!

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