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The contrast between the utilitarian necessity of patchwork and quilting and the beautiful works of art which women made of it, and the contrast between the traditions of patchwork and quilting as brought to America and the quilts made here from colonial times to the present, give ample evidence that quilts are The Great American American Art. Patricia Mainardi The Great American Art, 1982, pg 33.

I entered memory lane last week when I went to see Ginger’s installation as part of the Brooklyn Art Museum’s exhibit: “Workt by Hand”: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts because one of the quilts in the exhibit was a quilt that had been featured in the original article that started my quilting path.

The article by Patricia Mainardi that included the photo of the quilt was in the December, 1973 issue of MS Magazine making the case that quilts were a woman’s art form that deserved to be seen as art. My photo of the quilt doesn’t do it justice. The unusual color palette, material selection, and inside-out arrangement encouraged me to explore and experiment in a way I had never been able to do in any other artistic medium.

Multiple years and hundreds of quilts later, it was great to meet up with an old friend.

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  1. Judy Lydon says:

    Good to hear about your quilt life… has brought much to your life and you to to the life of quilting.

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