Thinking back, most of us can remember a time when a teacher, friend, or set of circumstances impressed us in a seminal way to alter how we understood ourselves.
Moments like these constitute turning points for new vistas to see things differently and to recognize opportunities we did not know existed.

An intervention is a deliberate process where a related group prepares and then approaches a loved-one involved in some self-destructive behavior in a clear and respectful way. The overall objective is to begin to relieve the suffering caused by a self-destructive behavior and the suffering it causes family and friends.

The idea began in AA in the early sixties with Vernon Johnson book I’ll Quit Tomorrow that includes the basic rationale and approach to interventions still used today. This approach was published later as Intervention in 1986.

In addition to addressing alcohol abuse and addiction, intervention is now used in domestic situations with family and friends, businesses and corporations, military, and professional sports.

Intervention is extremely effective. The transition is not likely to be smooth, but in the long run the group makes it possible for behavior to change. It is the kindest and most loving thing family, friends and colleagues can do in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental manner.

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