Elder Belly


One of my pet peeves while gazing at my warrior pose in the mirror while practicing yoga is the additional awareness of the width and breath of my belly. Ugh!

That settling in my midsection is a sure sign that my body is changing and my metabolism is slowing down. 90 percent of body fat is subcutaneous, felt with every pinch or grasp. The remaining 10 percent is visceral fat, padding the spaces between your abdominal organs deep within the abdominal cavity. In women, visceral fat is associated with breast cancer and gallbladder surgery, both of which I have experienced.

Overcoming the elder belly requires less calories and more movement. Remember breakfast, whole grains and brown rice. Choose more fruits and vegetables that are full of fiber and water to fill up before filling out. For more activity, increase your heart rate with aerobic physical activity that will help lose visceral fat as well as shake up the metabolism. Build overall lean muscle through simple weight training routines.

– Monitor Your Calories; eat belly fat burning foods such as avocado, olive oil, peanuts, and dark chocolate
– Eat Regularly; Make Protein a Priority
– Drink Plenty of Water; limit Libations
– Move Throughout Your Day
– Exercise Regularly and With Intensity
– Don’t Rely on Spot Reduction; tone major muscle groups 2 or 3 times a week
– Sleep
– Put Yourself First

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