Labor Day 2013

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A growing number of fast food workers are not teenagers, but adults trying to support families and these workers staged walkouts in 50+ cities (but not Pittsburgh) last Thursday demanding a $15.00 minimum wage.

At the same time, the Keystone Research Center released its State of Working Pennsylvania report showing we are not immune from the issue of minimum wage. Since 2010, the number of poverty-wage jobs in the commonwealth has jumped by 11 percent.

The report found most Pennsylvania workers have experienced flat or falling wages that have made family-sustaining jobs harder to find. Our state is 46th in job growth since January 2011 with most middle-class Pennsylvania families having stagnate wages.

Our recent job and wage trends undermine the economic recovery, as more low- and middle-income families are unable to buy the goods and services that will propel the economy forward.

The report proves that politicians must support increased citizen engagement; larger voter turnout and cradle to grave education among lower/middle-income families so that we can boost our economy into broadly shared prosperity.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    watch what employees of UPMC are staging and why.

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