Memory of a Faynkokhen



I have very few photos to remind me of my grandmother, Ida, my mother’s mother. She was my primary caregiver until she died when I was nine. Instead, I think of her when I’m under the weather and I don’t have the appetite for anything except a faynkokhen; a simple omelet, made in a small frying pan on the stove. She was the master. Add some hot tea with milk and maybe a kichlach to feel renewed.

Ida, Sadye and Me

Ida, Sadye and Me

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  1. phyllis says:

    Nice how those memories,tastes, and smells can comfort you when in need.
    Feel better soon

  2. Jim says:

    That’s a wonderful photo of your grandmother, Ida.
    Your memory of her go to foods for sick family members reminds me that my Granny always offered her toasted homemade bread with cinnamon butter and a dish of tapioca. I can smell it and taste it now!
    What’s kichlach?
    Let’s have a comfort food party!

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