The Riot Grrrls


Alien She (which opened this weekend and runs though the first of the year) focuses on seven artists inspired by the early 1990s younger punk faction of the women’s movement called the Riot GRRLS.

The variety of the medium included in the exhibit: fiber art, installation, video, photography, drawing, printmaking, and performance; reflect the movement’s goal to tackle racism, homophobia, and sexism through artistic diversity.

I loved, loved, loved The Counterfeit Crochet Project with the tag line: debasing and defiling designer items one step at a time… ,Ginger Brooks Takahashi’s political tee-shirt sculptures that tie her full circle to General Sisters in Braddock, and Allyson Mitchell’s large scale she-beast sculptures.


If you are a 70s feminist like me and missed the early Riot Grrl actions, you will appreciate this video of Kathleen Hanna author of the first Riot Grrl Manifesto written when she was 21, being read at her current age of 44.

It’s exciting to follow the two decades of herstory and understand the development of all of the DIY forms of activism that can be traced back to the beginning and it’s frustrating to see the sexism, racism and homophobia that continues to thrive among us. I feel the passion. I hear the revolution. I want more from Riot Grrrls.

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