Transformazium At The Carnegie International

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As a working artist, I have gotten some of my greatest inspirations from the artists brought to Pittsburgh during the many Carnegie Internationals: Frank Stella, Howard Hodgkins, Louise Bourgeois, and Kara Walker to name just a few.

The International opening this weekend promises probably the greatest inspiration of all because one of the artists is my nu-daughter, Dana Bishop-Root.

Her collective Transformazium, will present the Art Lending Collection of the Braddock Carnegie Library. I did my part for the Collection by making 68 bags to protect the art as it moves from home to home.

Art Handlers

The entire International is opening this weekend, but it you are like me, you’ll wait till the dust clears to go see the work at the museum. The must opening activity is this Sunday from 10-3 at The Braddock Library. Meet the artists, the art handlers, and become a hands-on curator, an authentic means of being one with The International.

It is so true; our greatest inspiration comes from our children!

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