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If you need a review of how we got into this mess read The Back and Forth Over the Shutdown and view the small bloc of ungovernable conservatives from safe House seats responsible for the undermining of our government.

If this were happening anywhere else, we’d be calling it a Coup d’état.

Earlier this year, the speaker John Boehner, worked around the bloc gathering Democratic votes to pass a budget plan that allowed increased taxes on the rich, relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy and an expansion of the Violence Against Women Act.

Maybe if Mr. Boehner allowed another House vote today on an altered spending bill to reopen the government free of any provisions that would undermine the health care law, it would pass, but at this point, I vote for rolling the upcoming debt limit into the agreement and getting this country back up and running.

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  1. Hi Bubbe,

    I am still in the dark about much of why the USA government has locked out there workers and who is really in control down there anyway? I was reading something the other day about how Canadians could find ourselves in this mess and we wouldn’t to be blunt. Here’s why, we have kept the integrity of our constitution to the letter. If we the people are not happy, we simply start lobbying our representatives for a ‘non confidence vote” and they are voted upon, its tricky, but we have done it a few times when things got really crazy!
    I recently found a very interesting video on why we’ve had wars all along and its likely to find you thinking hard.

    I did learn about US government and politics when I was in grade school in Canada as we did of all world countries. But it seems that governments have consistently been held up for ransom according to this writer.
    I wish your country much haste before it slips completely.

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