Time To Bring Out The Knitting

ralph lauren in cable knit

I know it hasn’t been a very typical fall but suddenly it will be cool enough to begin my favorite activity for cooler weather: knitting.

For a project inspiration, I always begin with my art to wear pinterest board where there are an overwhelming number of exciting ideas.

Then I look to the fashion trends and this year the designers have once again gone to the classic fisherman’s knit sweater. From Ralph Lauren to Rag and Bone there are beautiful sweaters to be had.

my cable knit

I made a beautiful blue wool cable cardigan that I wear around the house when it’s cold. It was so much fun to make; I’m seriously considering another– maybe this time the original classic pullover?

2 Thoughts

  1. phyllis says:

    It is beautiful

  2. Lovely, I’m not sure if I could pull it all together for a sweater, but maybe a touque for winter! Have fun!

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