The Keystone Pipeline


The Keystone XL pipeline was proposed in 2005 by TransCanada Corporation to ship massive amounts of crude oil from Canada south to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. The $7 billion pipeline project would be able to move about 800,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

The State Department, which is in charge of the pipeline permit process had been expected to issue a final environmental review this week but the shutdown has delayed it, pushing President Obama’s final decision back into 2014.

The rejection of the Keystone Pipeline is important as a significant step in a large-scale policy change that seriously addresses and sets parameters for actions to alleviate the climate crisis by acknowledging and accepting the limits of fossil fuels.

To find out more, this article in the New Yorker, this book by the author of Reviving Ophelia, and the organization are great places to start.

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