In 1964, British television produced a film entitled 7UP, which focused on the lives, hopes and expectations of 14 upper and working class children. Every seven years since then, the series has revisited as many of the original 14 who agree to participate.

Yesterday, the eighth film, 56UP premiered on PBS. Michael Apted, who was a researcher on the first film, took over as director with 14UP and has continued with each seventh year installment.

All 14 are still alive. Thirteen participated. The film weaves together footage from the previous films, creating a time-lapse picture of each story. It’s fascinating to follow their characters, the individual dramas, and the success or failure of relationships, health and welfare.

We learn about marriages and divorces, children, grandchildren and foster children, career successes, being homeless, and being laid off. Through it all, they grow older, wiser, more useful, and more resolved with the way the activity of their lives has unfolded.

56UP allows us an intimate opportunity to observe the wonder and chronicle of aging and be deeply moved.

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  1. phyllis says:

    wish I had seen it. it sounds interesting

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