Kol Atzmotai Tomarna- All My Bones Shall Say

Ka'et Ensemble

When I watch Ka’et Ensemble I feel a ray of hope that we Jews might actually have come upon some common ground to hear and listen to one another.

Israel’s Ka’et (Right Now) Ensemble is a male Orthodox modern dance troupe. Watch them and feel the intentionality of the movement, prayer in the way of dance.

The group comes from a dance theater school for men, Kol Atzmotai Tomarna created by Ronen Izhaki who got the seeds while watching the men move and being reminded of the boredom he associated with the synagogue when he was a child.

The nine-man ensemble performs its repertoire connecting two worlds in a new movement language that studies the technical and expressive layers of the body as if it were a page of Talmud. Yasher Koach to their creative process.

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