The Disgruntled Woman- We Hate To Love Her


In acting, playing a difficult, unlikable character that allows the other actors to shine through by comparison is called The Thankless Role. These roles are the most often misunderstood and unappreciated in theater because we, the audience, do not want to admit, let alone identify, with any of those underlying character flaws.

In Quantum Theater’s production of Parlour Song, Sarah Silk plays the thankless role of Joy. We feel sorry for Ned, we laugh at Dale, but Joy is the enigma that makes us uncomfortable and we don’t know how to nor do we want to like her.

Using the ACTIONS from The Actors’ Thesaurus for Unnerve: Agitate, Alarm, Confound, Confuse, Debilitate, Disarm, Disconcert, Distress, Enfeeble, Fluster, Incapacitate, Panic, Paralyze, Perturb, Shake, Tire, Trouble, Undermine, Unsettle, Unsteady, Upset, Weaken; we begin to understand what is involved in Joy’s hidden emotions and appreciate her actions.

From one of the better reviews: There certainly is something to be said about being lonely in your own neighborhood, your own marriage, your own self. And Butterworth has a lot to say about it. Through Cameron Knight’s morose portrayal of Ned, Brendan McMahon’s affable demeanor that embodies Dale, and Pittsburgh native’s Sarah Silk’s biting take on Joy we learn that despite our best efforts to keep a spotless house, we can’t keep that one, giant rat from getting in. Don’t miss it

Kudos to the unsung hero of Parlour Song our hometown girl, Sarah Silk!

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