Missoni- The Masters of Color


Color? What can I say? How many basic colors are there? I don’t remember exactly, seven perhaps, like the notes of the scale, but how many tones or shades does each color have? An infinite number, just as always endless are the hues and nuances composing a work of art. Ottavio Missoni

Ottavio & Rosita presented their first collection in Milan under the Missoni Label in 1958. Ottavio used graph paper to plot chromatic harmony that included clashing colors in kaleidoscopic prisms inspired by Guatemalan, Aztec and Incan textiles.

Angela and Francesco Missoni

From clothing to household furnishings and beyond, I have always been inspired by the assemblage of stripes, geometrical shapes and abstract florals in a surprisingly motley array of shades and hues.

In the late 1990s Ottavio and Rosita handed control of the business to their children. Today the family proudly carries on the legacy.

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