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How To Respond To Your Personal Suffering from Page 90 of Polishing The Mirror by Ram Dass
Here is a brief checklist of some ways to approach your death:
• Live your life consciously and fully. Learn to identify with and be present in your soul, not your ego.
• Fill your heart with love. Turn your mind toward God, guru, truth.
• Continue with all of your spiritual practices: meditation, mantra, kirtan, all forms of devotion.
• Be there for the death of your parents, loved ones, or beloved animals. Know that the presence of your loved ones will remain with you when you are quiet and bring them into your consciousness.
• Read about the deaths of great saints, lamas, and yogis like Ramana Maharshi.
• If there is pain at the time of death, try to remain as conscious as possible. Medication for the pain offers solace but dulls your awareness.
• To be peaceful at the time of your death, seek peace inside today. Death is another moment. If you’re not peaceful today, you probably won’t be peaceful tomorrow.


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  1. Phyllis says:

    Good advice. What brought this concept to the Bubbe Wisdom Blog at this time?

    • louise says:

      I read the book and thought it was new useful information from Ram Dass. The book itself is a disappointing rehashing of the video Fierce Grace. Of course, it is not simply a way to approach death, but to approach life.

  2. Sarah says:

    Seems like useful advice for dealing with the death of loved ones as well.

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