Robert Indiana wasn’t thinking about the love culture of the 60s when he made his iconic image. The word was connected to his childhood experiences attending a Christian Science church, where the only decoration was the wall inscription God is Love.

It was an image (with the slanted 0) in his poetry until 1965, when he reused the image for a Museum of Modern Art Christmas card. The colors came from his memory of a huge red and green Phillips 66 gas station sign where his dad worked during the Depression juxtaposed with the blue Hoosier sky of his childhood.

Indiana gives us a dynamic composition of opposites. With the intimacy of the vivid red against the deep blue and bright green we feel calm yet intense, serene yet active and LOVE actually becomes within our realm of achievement.

love sculpture

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  1. phyllis says:

    perfect! Perfect image and perfect Quote”‘ God is Love”

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