Bundle Up, It’s Cold Outside

polar vortex1

Here is the situation:

During the winter, a polar vortex of low pressure of very cold temperatures spins above the North Pole. Moving at about 100 mph keeps the cold air locked in the Arctic. When the vortex weakens, Arctic air escapes and spills southward bringing the cold we have today.

The reason the vortex has weakened has to do with the weakening of the jet stream, the belt of westerly winds that serves as the boundary between cold northern air and warmer southern air. When the jet stream weakens cold Arctic air escapes from the polar vortex and flows southward to us.

The weakened jet stream is a result of the vanishing ice from the Arctic. Ocean water absorbs more heat from the sun (than reflective ice) warming the Arctic and weakening the jet stream. This throws the circulation off balance causing this major disruption to the polar vortex.

This is Climate Change.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aaaaaaaah- we’re all gonna die!!

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