On our recent visit to the new Pérez Art Museum Miami, we were fortunate to be in attendance the same day as Israeli artist, Yael Bartana. I have referred to her work before because it offers lots to explore about the complexity of contemporary Jewish values and life. She also is an artist for the Carnegie International. Here are some examples of her work.

Bartana’s newest work, Inferno, is the story of the rise and fall of the third Temple of Solomon (Templo de Salmão) in São Paulo. It is part of a larger project from Brazil that focuses on its new religious movements. It is hard to believe but built to the biblical specifications of the first temple in Jerusalem, our temple is being built by a Brazilian Neo-Pentecostal Church.

The movie is a scary powerful look at the place, history, and belief of a Latin American country that gives rise to this size of a temple project. I hope you will get to see it!

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