Afro Abe by Sonia Clark

In the midst of totaling our expenses for taxes, you are probably as unhappy as I am realizing the great power and control that money has over how we live.

What does money mean to you? Does represent safety? Or success? Or prestige? Do you share money decisions with your partner/spouse/family or are there unspoken issues with hidden values that create fear of unopened wounds?

Things change. Businesses start and fail. Jobs are landed and lost. Markets collapses and expand. Babies are born. Elders retire. Some hoard, some spend and some get so anxious they can’t make any independent financial decisions.

Fears hold us back from fully coming into our own. Self-limiting beliefs about money restrain us. Researchers have identified four core beliefs, usually established at childhood, that drive our financial behavior and habits. Try this study to examine your core money beliefs.

It’s not about what money you have or don’t have, spend or save; it’s about your perceptions of yourself, your world and what you value in life. No amount of money can replace your love and compassion for yourself. Face your fears, set some goals, ask for help, and make some changes. The key to the whole megillah is to realize you are worth it!

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