The In-Box

My Inbox

I love simple form and function. One of my pet peeves is clutter. Applied to my computer, I work at maintaining a very un-cluttered functional in-box. This is quite the challenge because everyone, everywhere wants to send their emails for marking purposes. It’s the same to me as junk snail mail or mass marketing calls. By the way, I recently got caller ID (which includes caller- blocking) and that it a heaven-sent solution to ignoring marketing calls.

What do I allow into my in-box with regularity? Once a week I get The best of Macworld and a yarn shopping web site. I get one email a day from Livestrong and one from Pinterest and that’s it. I get more emails from the library than my husband and my kids prefer texts.

If I am interested in some person or some topic I follow them on twitter where it is my choice rather than theirs to explore the information offering. My in-box is like my work table- always neatly arranged and ready for the next project.

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