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Melwood St

It was a cold winter night flipping through channels on the television. Pickings are slim, but there is always hope for something new and interesting. Indeed, I lucked upon one of Rick Sebak’s WQED documentary, 25 Things I Like About Pittsburgh that I had never seen. Most of the 25 were quite familiar but there was an amazing street unknown to me. It is an odd route from Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Melwood Avenue through to Polish Hill.

I’ve had it in my head all winter to try it and this week I found myself at Filmmakers and was able to have the experience. The road goes under the Bloomfield Bridge, has a unique city view facing north and oddly enough ends on a street also called Melwood.

Melwood St. 2

The next day I was at Whole Foods and who did I see standing there? Yes, Rick Sebak. I went right up to him and said,” Rick, I am a life long Pittsburgher and yesterday, at your recommendation, I experienced the Polish Hill shortcut for the very first time. Thank you.”

He was happy to talk to me and quite appreciative. He told me that was one of his favorite documentaries but that he had received many complaints from the Polish Hill Neighborhood Association that outsiders were using the road and creating problems for the neighborhood. “Too bad for them,” he said. “I just don’t think of Polish Hill in the same way anymore.”

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