Violence In Our Society: Something Gone Seriously Wrong


I’ve spoken before about how much I respect the writings of Andrew Solomon and in the March issue of the New Yorker Solomon did it again with a thought provoking read about the father of Peter Lanza searching for answers to his son’s rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in September of 2013.

I was telling a friend about the article and she recommended this book about the April, 1999, massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. The book details the thoughts and actions of seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who killed twelve students and one teacher, injured 21 others, and then committed suicide.

So many people along the way could have prevented these senseless acts. Where was the communication and monitoring in the home? Where was the watchful eye for red flags of preoccupation with weapons or violent? What about heeding to the warnings of counselors, schools, friends, and law enforcement? And of course why not the elimination of easy access to guns? All things are possible and still nothing is done: another shanda for America.

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