Who, What, Why Alexander?

Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was a Shakespearean actor with chronically voice problems that challenged his career. When doctors found nothing wrong, he went through years of rigorous self-observation developing a technique, exploring the relationship of habit, thought and perception to human movement and functioning.

The basic concept of the technique is to recognize our bad habits that have come to feel, see, act as normal, take advantage of the space between stimulus and action, and choose a new action to make active productive change in the primary relationship among the head, neck and back.

The Alexander Technique teaches sitting upright without strain; preventing spinal compression and muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back; improved range of motion in the joints; reduced pressure on the wrist; more awareness of body’s signals and signs of distress to relieve tension before it escalates to pain; to proper breathing to prevent fatigue and calm the nervous system restoring balance to the body.

I met my Alexander teacher at Our Clubhouse.

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