Lots of remnants

Sorted shelves

Stripped fabric

Hoarding: the acquisition of, and failure to discard, possessions which appear to be useless or of limited value. Frost and Gross 1993

I was catching up with an old fiber friend recently and told her about my success making memory quilts. She suggested I might have a market working with hoarders.

Her idea brought me to my own forms of hoarding because I’ve been spending my last stretch of studio time trying to get a handle on my materials. I started sorting in the effort to find a place to house the denim we will repurpose for SilkDenim- yes, another form of collecting, for sure, but a story for another time.

Quilters are known for being very attached to their fabric collections: The one who dies with the most fabric, wins! It’s crazy to realize that I have enough quilting fabric to make- I ‘m just guessing here- an easy couple hundred quilts with what’s on hand.

In the effort to streamline the collection, I removed all of the small precious scraps- anything less than a ¼ yd and am in process cutting them into usable strips that I will use to create Gee’s Bend type bed quilts for an upcoming exhibition.

I have always said one can never have too many quilts- but now I wonder-could I possible be a quilt hoarder too?

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