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God has never made a mistake in creating individual egos over and over again. We make mistakes in not knowing how to integrate these egos and heal them.
Gratefulness is the heart of a well-lived life. Without gratefulness, our lives have no meaning. With gratefulness, we discover that all meanings of life come down to this ability to feel grateful. The human ego—when healed—is the best vehicle for feeling this central aspect of our being.
The Instruction Manual For Receiving God Pg. 19 Jason Shulman

The unified field of individualized self-consciousness personality, the ego, has many layers and aspects that make each of us a unique physical entity with a specific experience of reality.

The degree to which we identify with ego in any given moment determines our contracted or expanded awareness. Fighting ego is like trying to think about nothing. Deny it and it will remain a constant threat to the experience of joy, love, and peace.

Clarity begins with the awareness of the true nature of human experience: We are souls experiencing life through the physical and emotional senses of the body. Being Here Now does not eliminate desires or negative emotions or positive personality traits. Instead it co-exists with the ego in a very rich and dynamic relationship, both simultaneously present to delve into the nature of reality.

Try observing the continuous process of the thoughts that come and go. Notice each feeling associated with each different thought and ask: Where is this thought coming from –- my ego or my soul?

The goal is not to eliminate the ego, but to enlighten it. It’s a process not a product that is easier said than done.

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  1. Dani says:

    Great post. The Eastern philosophy of ego death never sat well with me. Of course their answer to that would be because my ego is scared of dying – which in itself is ridiculous, and that’s ego talking anyway!.
    The way I see it – I was born into this body to experience and learn certain things, likes dislikes, laughs, joys, sorry. I don’t want to run away from those. In my opinion and for that i need to my ego. I understand I am much more than my ego, but it is integral to life here. And I will not subdue it, but seek to strengthen it in positive ways. Ego AND Oneness not Ego VS Oneness.

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