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In the last blog, I told you about my daughter, Sarah. Now it’s my turn.

mother and daughter

When I was a little girl I didn’t do anything to speak of until I took a 7th grade sewing class where I discovered my affinity for cloth. After an undergraduate degree in Home Economics, I taught myself to quilt and took two years (‘72-’73) to make my first quilt.

In the late 70’s, I honed my knowledge and skills to become a very proficient and well-respected quiltmaker.

In the 80’s, I owned four different quilting-related retail stores. In the 90’s, a Masters Degree in Leadership taught me that what I do best is quilt. The challenge would be how to make it into a viable livelihood.

In 2000, my parents died. As I grieved their loss by making quilts out of all of their clothing and textiles, I uncovered the memory quilt business that turned out to be my true calling.

In 2005, I wrote The Quilting Path, a book about quiltmaking as a spiritual practice.

About two years ago, Sarah called me from a place called The Brooklyn Flea. “Mom, I think we should start making things and sell them here. It’s a great market,” she declared.

This week I am thrilled to launch our web-based business: SilkDenim: Our mother and daughter venture with lots of herstory.

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  1. phyllis says:

    I know it will be a great success! It already is!

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