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One of my fellow yogis introduced me to Lauren Walker’s Energy Medicine Yoga. Being a long time yogi and also a student of energy worker Donna Eden, Laura does something quite innovative by integrating all of the essential energy balancing techniques in to the yoga context.

It is a struggle to absorb all of Lauren’s information in the book form, so I started googling the different ideas and came up with several great videos that demonstrate her ideas.

Even if you are not interested in yoga you will learn so much about your body if you simply start with this short routine that balances energies and increases vitality. Then when you are as impressed with how good this feels as I was, go on to view any of Donna Eden’s videos– particularly the ones that relate to your individual body issues.

Next for those who are interested in yoga, move onto these restorative yoga videos, then these chakra-opening poses and these added mudras. I know it’s hard to absorb and integrate everything into your practice, but whatever sticks will make a world of difference- I am living proof.

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  1. Bushra Khan says:

    Nice post…Thanks for sharing such a informative post on yoga..

  2. yoga mudras says:

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