As Is Your Deed As Is Your Destiny


The greatest hunger in life is not for food, money, success, status, security, sex, or even love from the opposite sex. Time and again people have achieved all these things and wound up still feeling dissatisfied- indeed, often more dissatisfied than when they began. The deepest hunger in life is a secret that is revealed only when a person is willing to unlock a hidden part of the self. In the ancient traditions of wisdom, this quest has been likened to diving for the most precious pearl in existence, a poetic way of saying that you have to swim far out beyond shallow waters, plunge deep into yourself, and search patiently until the pearl beyond price is found. The pearl is also called essence, the breath of god, the water of lifeā€¦labels for what we, in our more prosaic scientific age, would simply call TRANSFORMATION. Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life

Secret #1: The Mystery of Life is Real
Secret #2: The World Is in You
Secret #3: Four Paths Lead to Unity
Secret #4: What You Seek, You Already Are
Secret #5: The Cause of Suffering Is Unreality
Secret #6: Freedom Tames the Mind
Secret #7: Every Life is Spiritual
Secret #8: Evil is Not Your Enemy
Secret #9: You Live in Multidimensions
Secret #10: Death Makes Life Possible
Secret #11: The Universe Thinks Through You
Secret #12: There is No Time But Now
Secret #13: You Are Truly Free When You Are Not A Person
Secret #14: The Meaning of Life Is Everything
Secret #15: Everything is Pure Essence

The Source of Happiness is: Nonlocal, Detached, Impersonal, Universal, Beyond change, Made of essence. Happiness is not a unique thing. It is one flavor of essence among many.

May you and I be safe
May you and I be well
May you and I be happy
May you and I live with ease

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