Practicing Gratitude- Or Not?


I have spent my whole life on the quest of being taken seriously. It stems from that naturally occurring underdog place in our society being a female, being Jewish, being a fiberartist. There isn’t an event that doesn’t occur (I know that is a double negative) where my defensive lens doesn’t (now it’s a triple negative) cast a shadow.

An example is at hand with all of the great publicity I received last week. There was this wonderful article in the Post Gazette about the theme of my exhibit at the American Jewish Museum of The Jewish Community Center and this report about my visit and talk at Allegheny College in Meadville.

Here is my question-how would these two articles have been written if I were a white unaffiliated male painter? Do you see the source of my discontent- my inability to simply be happy and accepting-the nagging feeling of walking along a razor edge rather than a sandy path?

What would Bubbe say to all of this? Louise, you are who you are. You have worked hard. You have learned life-long lessons. You have accomplished great feats. Be grateful. Be faithful. Continue to forge your unique calling. It was meant to be.

Your Thoughts...

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