A Room Of One’s Own

familyvalueBoth coming from previous marital experiences, Steve and I form a new-age reconfigured family. Of our five adult children, only one is currently in a traditional family structure.

The Census Bureau reported that in 2010, the proportion of married households in America dropped to a record low of 48 percent. Fifty percent of the adult population is single, compared with 33 percent in 1950. The median age for getting married has been rising, and for those who are affluent and educated, that number climbs even higher. In the same year, 2010, nearly twice as many single women bought homes as did single men.

The book, Unhitched, decouples and undermines the taken-for-granted relationships between love, marriage, and parenthood of the one-size-fits-all vision of family values. Taking on prejudices of left, right and center, Unhitched, poses an empirical challenge to the belief that the nuclear family and confirms that family diversity is here to stay.

Through compelling stories of real families navigating inescapable personal and political trade-offs between desire and domesticity, Sex at Dawn, uses evidence gathered from human physiology, archaeology, primate biology and anthropological studies of world-wide pre-agricultural tribes to give an accurate sense of where we came from, why we are the way we are, and why certain aspects of family feel like a bad fit, encouraging more tolerant openness about sexuality and marriage.

It’s a small comfort to know that we are no longer an anomaly but still I wonder when and how we will get to a consensus of family values that allow true acceptance of multiple family forms.

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