seder plate 2012

We have a long history of Silk/Root seders. We write our own haggadah with a yearly theme and we pick the night that works for most, even though one year it didn’t even happen on one of the eight days.

I thought this year would be different. With our seder scheduled for Saturday night, we would finally be falling into the first-night seder tradition, but I was mistaken. Saturday night is the second night.

Once again, that’s what works for us. My son and his family are coming in from New Jersey on Friday, will attend the Seder on Saturday and view my BubbeWisdom Quilt Exhibit at the JCC on Sunday.

I’ve decided the theme for this year’s haggadah will be Abundance.

2 Thoughts

  1. Steve says:

    Abundant blessings!!

  2. Kathryn Larsen says:

    My love and best wishes to all at the table…Kathryn

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