Thanks For The Memories

By pure luck, I happened upon the David Letterman Prime Time Special last night. What a treasure. David is to my generation what Johnny was to my parents. Although, I haven’t watched him in years, I didn’t know he had a ten-year-old son but still he was a master at telling it like it is and making me laugh.

All together, 4,014 episodes at CBS and 1,810 shows at NBC (including the morning show which I used to watch regularly when my kids were little) bring the total to 5,914 shows over 34 years. Kudos to you Letterman and thanks for the memories.

Some gems:

Blue Cross Blue Shield man of the year

Doing the weather

Talking to Paris Hilton about jail

And my all time favorite Dave’s suit of velcro

2 Thoughts

  1. Jim says:

    David Letterman has always been my favorite late night host. Although I now miss him most nights (sleep for an old guy trumps TV after 11 p.m.) , I still laugh a lot when I have the opportunity to catch his monologs.
    Thanks David!

  2. Sarah says:

    I watched him with you as a little kid, and then on my own for years as a kid. The Paris Hilton link is HILARIOUS!

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