Secret #5: The Cause of Suffering is Unreality

Version 2

The steps that lead to suffering:
Overlooking actual facts
Adopting a negative perception
Getting lost in the pain without looking for a way out
Comparing yourself to others
Cementing the suffering though relationships

The root cause of every form of suffering:
Not knowing what is real
Grasping and clinging to the unreal
Being afraid of the unreal and recoiling from it
Identifying with an imaginary self
Fear of death

How to eliminate suffering:
Create order
List the major stresses in your life and take steps to reduce them
Stop trying to take away another’s pain with empathic suffering- create boundaries
Eliminate toxic relationships
Overcome the inertia of old habits and conditioning
Examine and dissect your motives for suffering
Learn to identify and release physical sensations that hold the suffering

From Secret #5; The Book Of Secrets; Deepak Chopra

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