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Louise Bourgeois

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a photograph is not an opinion. Or is it? Susan Sontag

It’s useful to remember that things are happening right in front of you… you don’t have to complicate the situation. You can take what is given to you. You just need your mind and your eye. Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz has been the eye of my generation helping to change our view of the importance of human endeavor since she started at Rolling Stone in 1970.
Her list is impressive – the photo of John Lennon curled naked next to a clothed Yoko taken five hours before his murder; Demi Moore pregnant on the cover of Vanity; Whoopi Goldberg bathed in milk; and Queen Elizabeth’s formal portrait to name just a few.

I recently ran into a copy of the book Women by Annie Leibovitz and sifted through each page mesmerized by what I saw. There are women- in groups- in action- in portrait- at work- at play- so many different diverse women all connected by the astounding visual perspective.

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