It’s A Meat Factory, It’s A Cruise Ship, It’s The New And Improved Whitney


I have many memories of going to the Biennials held at The Whitney Museum in NYC. There I was introduced to many of my mentors, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Elizabeth Murray, Chuck Close to name just a few. Seeing them on a regular basis helped me forge an artistic life that made me eager to make the trip to revisit them in their new home.

Situated at the lower extension of the High Line, The New Whitney is a treasure. Everything from the seating to the windows to the outdoor space to the kitchen breathes contemporary art and design; not to mention the art. I particularly loved seeing Calder’s Circus, previously cramped, now prominently front and center to engage our younger generation in the excitement of process. The museum also offers a family guide that does a terrific job of focusing children on various aspects of the art and I was thrilled (as was my granddaughter) at how welcoming everyone was to having her with us on our exploration.

I was disappointed in the lack of video and large scale photography- mainly because that’s where I think contemporary art is headed- but maybe The Whitney is ahead of me on this one- art as environment trumps looking at moving images while stuck in a dark box.

It’s easy to make an online reservation before you go. Stop at the Bubby’s HighLine Diner before for breakfast or after for homemade ice cream. You won’t be disappointed.

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