Bring Your Bag, Your Silverware, Your Take-Out Container, Your Schmatta

to go bag


June 30th was the last day anyone could legally use polystyrene foam products in New York City. This includes everything from plastic foam coffee cups to packaging peanuts. The reason is that they cannot be recycled and cause real environmental harm.

Yesterday, grocery stores across the entire state of Hawaii are banned from distributing plastic bags at the checkout. California also passed this law but the measure is on hold for a referendum in November. Individual cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Washington have all enacted bans. Plastic is not biodegradable contributing to large floating islands of ocean trash plus a whole lot more.

My family is way ahead of the curve on all of this. My daughter, Iz, gave everyone reusable silverware several years ago as Hanukah presents; My son, Eli, uses these reusable sandwich bags; and Sarah and I pride ourselves on one of our best silkdenim products, the To-Go Bag; and since 2012 with the discover of schmattas, we all wonder why anyone would even consider a Kleenex when they could use a schmatta????

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