One Proof Of A Broken Democracy

Reality of Us

America is a nation founded on an ideal that all people are equal and have a stake in how our nation is governed. While we may not always succeed, ours is a history of pursuing this vision. It’s not enough that women and citizens of all races can vote – every American must also have equal access to lead.…We’re strongest when our leadership reflects the full range of talent and lived experience that America has to offer. Women Donors Network

Who Leads Us is a way to measure our progress toward a democracy where our leaders reflect the people they serve. The data conducted in the summer of 2014, comes from a first-of-its kind exploration of the race and gender composition of more than 42,000 American elected officials.

About 95 percent of the 2,437 elected state and local prosecutors across the country in 2014 were white and 79 percent were white men, By comparison, white men make up 31 percent of the population of the United States. White men in this country hold 4 times the political power of women & people of color translating to 31% of our population controlling 65% of elected offices.

Pennsylvania is 33 out of 50 states + DC in its equal representation.
White men are 63% of our representation while they are only 38% of our population.
White women are 27% of our representation while they are 40% of our population.
Men of color are 7% of our representation while they are 11% of our population.
Women of color are 4% of our representation while they are 11% of our population.

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