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From our personal rich heritage, Sarah knows that there is nothing finer than sleeping under a handmade quilt. In between our efforts to launch our Second Collection at SilkDenim, she has begun hand-crafting her own quilts.

It began when she agreed to make a quilt as barter for work around her house. The quilt itself was intended as a gift for the friend of the commissioner. Quilt I contained clothing and textiles selected to acknowledge and appreciate a deep, lasting relationship. The commissioner was so enamored with the finished quilt’s success that he had difficulty simply giving it over to its intended. Instead, it found its way to the commissioner’s own bed.

This spurred Sarah to embark on another quilt. It goes like this:
1. Select a quilt for inspiration; in this case it was an asymmetrical 9-patch log cabin with the center block in the corner and alternating light and dark logs connected by a lattice.

2. Gather all of the remnants of Quilt I. Arrange them by color and cut them into varying width strips.

3. Gather additional meaningful materials such as a shirt from an elder, a classic pair of designer jeans and a vintage cotton dress to complement the Quilt I remnants. Strip these and add to the palette.

4. Grow one block after the other, adjusting piecing, placement, and construction as desired.

5. Choose a dynamic material for the lattice. Cut and piece lattice to blocks.

6. Select and piece as needed a backing that is at least 4” bigger all the way around the size of the finished quilt top.

7. Make and pin the “quilt sandwich” of backing, batting and top. Select appropriate thread and needles for the quilting.

8. Quilt as desired. Sign.

9. Bind using remnants cut into 2 ½” strips pieced together.

10. Deliver the quilt. Gather the scraps and begin Quilt III.

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  1. Jim Sheridan says:

    That’s an amazing quilt and a very fortunate commissioner! Maybe Sarah’s quilts should be numbered?

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