My Depression

Liz's dark hole

Knowing that the next trip of EKC will begin this Sunday brings me back to my own great camp memories. I went to a small camp in Northern Pennsylvania very near Chautauqua. It was a magical place to connect and belong -a real home away from home.

My best friend from Camp Deer Run Days went on to make a name for herself as a composer, director, and writer. As synchronicity presents itself, I happened upon her new animated musical documentary as it premiered on HBO last night.

In My Depression: The Up and Down of It, Liz introduces us to a dark smudgy cloud that sits atop her head maintaining a tenacious hold on her psyche. Through her story, we understand how pervasive depression can be, how it alters her vision of everything and how if left unattended leads down a treacherous fearful path.

Thank goodness, in Liz’s case, she finds the cure in a workable combination of medicine, counseling and acceptance of both herself and her cloud companion. The music, the language, the drawings and the animation are all typical of the Liz I know and love. The imagery is powerful; the perfect mix of light and dark, happy and sad. I found myself having a particular affinity to the black hole she keeps finding herself falling into.

In My Depression: The Up and Down of It, Liz encourages us to ignore shame, share feelings, treat symptoms, and above all, keep trying. It’s just what we learned while we were at camp.

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