I depend on Pinterest to keep track of all of my design inspirations, project ideas for my students, my knitting patterns, my recipes, and my yoga practice- not to mention shared boards with the family on a variety of topics. I loved opening my homepage and knowing every post will add to the excitement of creation.

But my love of Pinterest took a drastic turn when they decided to give me the unwelcomed guidance with their addition of Picked for You Pins (random pins they select) and Promoted Pins (out and out advertisements). They are really messing me up!

I looked to find out what other disappointed pinners have to say about the issue and found I am not alone in my frustration. Everyone hates it! I checked out some Pinterest competitors, PICCSY; BOXNUTT; and TYXO but none of them do as well as Pinterest, but I was able to find a blogger who has figured out how to block the Picked For You pins. If any of you try it- let me know how it works-

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