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New Library

I woke up with a hangover this morning. It wasn’t from the expected drugs or alcohol but from the hard labor of the final attempt to clean up of my library. While I am proud that we were able to eliminate over 500 books, over 150 periodicals, and countless notebooks, papers and whatnot, I am also ashamed to be the owner of such an unappreciated quantity of paper.

This is one example: I had sixty-three issues of Parabola dating from 1979 to 2007. The writing is chocked full of thought- the finest found anywhere- but I haven’t looked at a one of them since I put them on the shelf in 2001.

And if the whole situation wasn’t overwhelming enough, the reason I’m opening up the space on the bookshelves is that I have run out of space for all of my SilkQuilt and SilkDenim supplies. It seemed the perfect solution- less unread paper- more accessible fiber. I’m as hopeful and satisfied as I was with the creation of the library in 20001 but stay tuned because only time will tell.

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