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Guerrilla Girls

2014Guerrilla girls

As always happens, things show up in one’s life that seems so interrelated it is impossible to ignore. This one started for me with a new book about Agnes Martin. So wonderfully informative and insightful; if you have any interest in her, her work, and that time period for growth of abstract art it is well worth the read.

That somehow put me in touch with a new book with the writings of Linda Nochlin. Another fascinating review of women’s place in fine art, beginning with the women’s movement in the 70s.

And then this article in the NY Times about the 30th anniversary of my heroes (along with Louise Bourgeois), The Guerrilla Girls. In addition to a look at their herstory and their continued commitment to “working without the pressure of success”, the great news that The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has purchased their entire collection of posters and numbered prints that were originally plastered on walls, phone booths and galleries in SoHo and will shown them in their own exhibition at The Walker museum in January. The times they are a changing?-maybe

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