Satan’s Credit Card


I spent one hour on the phone just now, trying to close my Macy’s Credit Card account. As ridiculous as it might seem; this is the fourth time I have done this. It all started when I fell prey to the gimmick of opening a Macy’s card to get an additional 20% off a purchase in 2014. At that time, I made the purchase, paid the bill as soon as it came due and put the card in my drawer- never to be used by me again.

Eight months later I received a Macy’s bill with a different number and a past due amount of $137. 67. Hour #1 phone call informed me that when I opened my Macy’s charge I also opened an American Express card which someone unknown to me had used to buy lotion. I denied the charge and asked them to close the account. When I received the same notice the next month and didn’t want to spend another hour on the phone, I went online and downloaded a dispute claim and sent it to the Ohio Dispute center.

Two months later I received another past due bill. I was furious, called again, and during Hour #2 was told there was no record of my dispute; the account was still over due. This time I once again closed the account and had them send a dispute claim in the mail (which I received and immediately returned to the Ohio Dispute Center).

The next month, I received a new unsolicited Macy’s/American Express card in the mail which I purposefully did not activate. It didn’t matter. The next month I received a statement of the new card number with the disputed charge on it plus enough interest to now make me over $500 delinquent. During Hour #3, I spoke to 5 different Macy’s representatives closing the new account that I never opened; discussing the status of the unresolved fraud investigation; and every time in between, someone eager to take my checking account information to clear the ever-increasing past due amount. The final representative, Michelle #9119654 from the Philippines, assured me my account was closed and they would let me know the results of the fraud investigation.

Yesterday, I received a new Macy’s credit card with the same number as that of the original. Hour #4 ended with Maria #9119172 also from the Philippines assuring me they were looking into the situation. And would you believe as I write this I was rudely interrupted by a call from Jennifer (I didn’t ask her number-what’s the point??) who would be very happy to take a minimum $25.00 to apply on the account of my past due bill.

The moral of the story? Got me!

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  1. phyllis says:

    you do not want to hear my words!!!! nmfksya

  2. Sarah says:

    gasp. ugh.

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