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The interfaith advocacy arm of Tikkun magazine called The Network of Spiritual Progressives seeks to transform our materialist and corporate-dominated society into a caring society through consciousness raising, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns that promote a New Bottom Line.

A New Bottom Line is one that judges the success of our social institutions, government, and corporations based not on the old bottom line of whether they maximize money and power, but instead assessing them on the extent that they maximize love and caring, kindness and generosity, empathy and compassion, social and economic justice, peace and nonviolence, and environmental sustainability, as well as encourage us to transcend a narrow utilitarian approach to nature and other human beings.
A poem by Cat Zavis, their Executive Director.
Stop Telling Me It’s Impossible

Stop telling me it’s impossible . . .
We’ve put men on the moon,
We’ve counted the stars, planets and galaxies,
We’ve built weapons of mass destruction . . .
If we can compete to get into space,
If we can compete to produce more goods that anyone needs,
If we can compete to create the best weapons,
Then we can feed everyone on this planet healthy food that nourishes people and the planet.
Instead of competing to create the next best phone, car, or weapon, why don’t we compete to wipe out starvation and hunger?
If we can win the race to the moon, why don’t we win the race to stop the production of weapons and create peace?
If we can create a house that can self-adjust its temperature, why can’t we create enough homes so everyone has a safe place to live?
If we can build towers that span the sky, why are people living on the streets?
If we stopped caring so much about winning the “race” and cared more about caring for others and the planet, we would solve our world’s greatest problems.
So stop telling me we can’t and it’s impossible and let’s get down to the business of taking care of each other and the planet. Then we will all win.

Cat Zavis; September 8th, 2015

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