Price Shopping For Medical Care- Brilliant!

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Let’s imagine a health care system where you easily shop around to get the best price for the service you require. Imagine further that an organization helps you explore all of your choices, figures out which is the most economical and then gets your insuring company to share the savings that they realized from your choice with you.

Vitals SmartShopper™ currently available in NH, MA, CT, IN, KY is do just that. It is a system of incentives and engagements that help consumers shop for cost-effective health care services and receive cash rewards for making smart choices.

Vitals is reinventing the way people choose doctors and medical facilities. They provide transparency to cost, quality and access information that empowers more than 150 million consumers to make more informed and effective health care decisions each year. I learned about it on this Planet Money report.

Imagine: Same procedure. Same quality. Different location. Very different price. SmartShopper™ when are you coming to PA????

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