Continuous Change


Growth happens in two manners: in qualities, which we can call stages, and in quantities….Our world view, our consciousness itself, is completely different from what it was in the previous stage. So it is not just a manner of “more of the same, only bigger.” It is an entirely new quality. Change is continuous and discontinuous at the same time.

Continuous change happens naturally. Life goes on, and whether we change in consciousness or not, we get bigger…… To change quality, however, we must be able to get to the point where what shattered our consciousness in one setting no longer has that power.

All of spiritual growth is about change of state, from one quality to another. When you are a person of quality, you can be said to be a person whose consciousness is whole enough to linger in more of reality longer. Reality- G-d, transcendence, awakening, and so on- is the ability to let all of the proper qualities live in each particular stage of your life.

Jason Shulman The Instruction Manual For Receiving God pg. 136-138

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