I owe you an apology. My time and interest in this blog has decreased greatly this fall. Not to make excuses but I’ve been very preoccupied.

First, is the election of board members for my condo association. Can you believe that the two people up for reelection have served for over 10 years each? It doesn’t take much to figure out that this seriously limits our vision and growth. I gathered a group of residents, formed an ad-hoc committee, found new people willing to run, and organized a series of town meetings focusing on the need for invigorating new leadership. I discovered there is lots of agreement on the need for change.

Second, I am now the president of the Jewish Assistance Fund, an organization started to help the people among us in emergency situations with cash assistance. With well over 1 million dollars in assets and the yearly distribution of around $150,000, I have taken on the role of soliciting new leadership, delegating responsibility, and securing larger funding sources.

Third, my daughter Sarah and I are taking SilkDenim to the next level planning to make our retail debut at the HandMade Arcade held every year at the Convention Center. This includes several lower priced gift items, labels, tags, displays……..

I end with the top qualities of an effective leader: Honesty; Positive Attitude; Commitment; Creativity; Intuition; Ability to Delegate; Communication; Confidence; Sense of Humor; Ability to Inspire. Here’s my bottom line. Way back in 1998 I got a masters degree in leadership. A good education never sits idle.

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